ColorGHear: Simple, Powerful, Vibrant Color.

Now Available: ColorGHear Pro for Davinci Resolve, Final Cut Pro 7, and Premiere Pro

A Revolution In Color Grading

With the release of ColorGHear Toolkit and ColorGHear Pro, shooting video on a DSLR will never be the same again. Relax with the understanding that you'll be able to color correct your footage with the same flexibility you have with larger more expensive cameras shooting at higher bitrates.

For After Effects Users: ColorGHear Toolkit offers you an awesome set of color grading and noise reduction tools, as well as professional level training so you'll be grading your footage like a pro in no time.

For Everyone Else: ColorGHear Pro gives you the flexibility and power to do high-end DaVinci style grades even in Final Cut Pro 7 and X (with 3rd party LUT plugin) and Premiere Pro. And of course it supports the already incredible DaVinci Resolve giving you the flexibility to grade with the power of ColorGHear whether you are on your NLE at home in a professional setting at a high end post house. For more information, watch the video below, or go HERE.

Both sets of tools are now come standard in the ColorGHear Pro Plus Package for only

With your purchase and registration you gain full access to the website and all downloads, tutorials, and more including the exciting new ColorGHear Film School.


The image on the right, is a snippet from an article written about the striking images ColorGhear is capable of producing, and a look at how it took a very beautiful series of shots and turned them into something mesmerizing. [hit the image link to read the full article]

"I just wanted to take some time to thank you for a great product and awesome tutorials. For anyone using After Effects buying ColorGHear should be a no-brainer. I look at it this way: for $50 you get tools which are the equivalent of Magic Bullet and Neat Video combined. That's $400 vs. $50. And on top of that you get Shian's superb tutorials which guide you through how to use the tool properly. I'm amazed at how much effort and detail have gone into the GHears and the Tutorials. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us."

- Leon S.

Read what others who have bought ColorGHear are saying about their experience on our Testimonials Page

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