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GH4 4K

Nominated for Rock Video of the Year by Music Enthusiast Magazine – Shot with GH4, RED Scarlet (Green Screen) and Canon 70D – Finished 2nd in fan voting ahead of videos by Korn and Pink Floyd.

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Nearly all of the live action was shot with the GH4 with the 70D used on most of the street shots, except the the last two which were GH4. All the Green Screen stuff was shot with the Scarlet

Graded in Resolve using ColorGhear Pro. Vimeo compression kills some of the truly amazing images the GH4 is capable of. at the end of this post is a link to download a ProRes version of some of the footage.

Produced by Jamie Brown
Directed and DP’ed by Shian Storm
Edited by Jamie Brown and Shian Storm
Graded by Shian Storm

Once I realized that with these settings [CineD (-5, -2,-5,-5,0) Contrast curve #2 (S+2, H-2)] the GH4 behaved exactly like my old Nikon 35mm film camera, life got a whole lot more fun. I could ignore the LCD and trust my handheld meter and my experience. [No external recorder. This is with the internal SD Card and panasonic 4K codec in 4k 100M 24p mov mode and 1080 96fps overcrank mode.]

In all of these shots I only used a single bounce or a single bounce along with a 1K tungsten fresnel, or the 1K by itself. Essentially no more than 2 lights. Or in the case of the Buddha in the first shot… no lights. [Shot primarily with vintage Nikon manual glass using a Metabones speedbooster to compensate for the crop the GH4 has at 4K - except the wide desert shot which was the Panasonic Pancake 20mm with a canon .7 wide angle adapter attached.]

Obviously the overcranked stuff was shot at 1080 96fps but it cuts nicely with the 4K, you just don’t get the same killer image exactly when you are trying to grade. yet the CU at the end still grades very nicely.

The graded footage has lost 2 generations by this point in the ProRes file, and 3 on the Mp4 having been exported out of resolve as individual clips and then exported from FCPX to a master file which was imported back into FCPX and edited together with the raw images for this clip, then exported again and then compressed to MP4.

Those who say the GH4 doesn’t produce film like images and/or doesn’t grade well… Are either trying to sell you on another product that they are endorsed by, or they don’t know what they are talking about… Or in the case of Shane Hurlbut… both.

Download the ProRes from dropbox here [2.3GB] dropbox.com/s/ji2ki7lcwi632lc/GH4%204K%20Footage.mov?dl=0



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